Search Engine Optimization

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Meta Tags

Putting content on your webpages isn’t enough. To optimize your website for search engines like Google or Bing, you need to fine-tune your meta tags. These tags tell search engines what title and description to use when showing your webpage in search results. You also need to properly tag every title and image throughout the page to make sure your content is friendly to how these search engines work. If your content is properly tagged, search engines will favor your website over your competition.


Even if your website’s meta information is totally set up, you still need to make sure you have your sitemap and schema markup (or structured data) properly configured and delivered to search engines. These 2 things are massively important in making sure search engines can index ALL of your content and properly categorize it for search results. We use tools like Google Search Console to help you manage this and even find where your lacking.

Content Optimization

You may have awesome content written for your webpage and even though it sounds great, it might not be focused enough for search engines. Sometimes people put too much (or too little) content on a page or the content on the page is too varied. Search engines like pages that are focused on one topic, because then they know that this matches a user’s specific query. But hey, that could be great for you! We can take a page that isn’t performing well, edit it down (or add more), and reuse any leftover content for a new page or a blog post. More links with focused content is going to help make you more visible online!

SEO Research

Periodically evaluating your search engine optimization is crucial because your competition is going to constantly pivot and adjust things to show up at the top of search results. You should be doing that too! There are many tools out there, like SEMRush for example, that can help find out why your webpage isn’t showing up at the top of search results and even offer advice on how to improve that. Maybe we need to adjust the focus of your webpage or write more content on a specific topic. Using these tools as a way to have visibility into how your performing can be a huge help in bringing you peace of mind that your website is performing well!