Photo & Video Editing

Premiere Pro
After Effects

Motion Graphics

Animations can be super effective at illustrating your product or showcasing your brand. From simple movement to complex graphic interactions, we’ve made animated videos that have been played on the NASDAQ Tower in Times Square NYC celebrating Everbridge’s IPO, a looping GIF introducing JRNI’s new AI powered product on their homepage, and a highlight video for NorthEast Residential Services recapping a trip they coordinated for an adult with disabilities. That’s only a small sample of what we’ve done. Reach out to ask for more!

Video Creation

We specialize in editing videos from CEO interviews to music videos to company highlight reels and beyond. We use industry-standard tools and the latest techniques to color-correct your footage, create clean transitions between shots, and concisely edit things down into a captivating video that’s sure to keep your viewers attention. We’ll even source or shoot our own b-roll footage to fill in the gaps your storyline may have. 

Photo Editing

Having sharp pictures of your products, facilities, or team members is crucial. Your online presence really needs to stand out. Whether you’re placing images on your website, running an advertisement, or using them for social media, we can take any photo you have and turn it into an image you are proud to put out there. Even a picture taken on your phone can be turned into a perfectly cropped, clean, and corrected image for any format!

Audio Correction

Sometimes your recording can have noisy, messy, or inconsistent audio that needs fixing. We can take out all the background noise, remove breathing sounds and smooth out spikes or dips in audio levels. You may even want a little background music added in behind an interview to keep things interesting and we have a huge catalog of royalty-free audio we can use for any mood.